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'Queen & Slim' builds a romance in the ashes of police violence

(CNN)"Queen & Slim" puts a timely spin on an old formula -- a road movie and romance borne in the ashes of police violence. Concerned with deeper issues, it's simultaneously a compelling story of an African-American couple getting to know each other in the wake of a crisis, as they undertake a seemingly hopeless quest to escape.Despite an overt reference (joke, really) about the two being "the black Bonnie & Clyde," "Thelma & Louise" feels like a more appropriate comparison, to the extent that two people ("Get Out's" Daniel Kaluuya, and a fellow Brit in newcomer Jodie Turner-Smith) are joined by an out-of-control situation, then forced to go on the run with no real plan regarding what comes next.That said, director Melina Matsoukas (HBO's ...