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FedEx delivery robots invade New York City streets

Wall-E out here flexing all over FedEx delivery drivers #whatisnewyork pic.twitter.com/TOevthTUJQ — WhatIsNewYork (@whatisny) November 21, 2019   Resistance is futile. A bunch of FedEx delivery robots rolled around lower Manhattan as part of a promotion last week, prompting bewildered pedestrians to share videos of the jarring sight on social media. “Wall-E out here flexing all over FedEx delivery drivers,” wrote @WhatIsNY while posting a video of one of the boxy cyborgs-on-wheels — part of FedEx’s “SameDay Bot” courier fleet — cutting through a group crossing Crosby Street near Houston Street. Another video on Reddit showed one of the self-propelled bots spinning on its wheels in Soho. “Skynet is sending it ...