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Where 'Frozen 2' ranks among the Disney/Pixar animated sequels

(CNN)For most of animation's history, there were no sequels. Disney didn't rush out "Snow White and Eight Dwarfs," or "Pinocchio 2: Stromboli Strikes Back." About the best the studio would do is cheaper direct-to-video (yes, video) or DVD encores.In the last quarter-century, that changed, thanks less to Disney than its rivals, who realized that if "Shrek" or "Despicable Me" worked, why not dig back into the storybook? Pixar, owned by Disney since 2006, also resisted sequels at first, but has been bitten by the bug as part of a corporate mandate, which sees the need for fresh content to motivate theme-park rides and keep merchandise flying off the shelves."Frozen 2" flows into theaters amid that avalanche, facing the high expectations of a ...