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The last survivor of the Hindenburg disaster has died, family says

(CNN)The last survivor of the Hindenburg airship disaster, Werner Gustav Doehner, has died, according to his family. Doehner, 90, passed away at a hospital in Laconia, New Hampshire, on November 8, his son, Bernie Doehner, told CNN. Werner Doehner was 8 years old on May 6, 1937, when the infamous airship went up in flames and crashed in Lakehurst, New Jersey, killing 36 people. Doehner's sister and father were among them. Sixty-two people survived."It basically robbed him of his father and sister, and left him with lasting scars," Bernie Doehner said, adding that his father generally did not talk about the incident. "He had one all down his leg and he had nine skin graft operations and one of his ears was badly damaged," he said. "He was s ...