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‘Tootsie’ was a Broadway flop because theater is fickle: insiders

“Tootsie” had everything going for it: great title, terrific reviews, star-making turn by Santino Fontana, snappy score by David Yazbek and a hilarious book by Robert Horn. And yet one of the best musical comedies to come around in a long time is a flop. “Tootsie” opened in April and will close Jan. 5 without returning a fraction of its $10 million production cost. “I’m sad,” says Horn, who won a Tony for his book. “I honestly thought we would become this staple, a big musical comedy that people would go to. But she’s a fickle mistress, this theater world.” She is indeed, but let’s try to figure out why her fickleness cast “Tootsie” into the dark. For starters, “Tootsie” is a great title for people over ...