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A World War II veteran finally gets a Silver Star, decades after dying in the Battle of the Bulge

(CNN)Staff Sgt. Edmund "Eddie" Sternot of the 101st Airborne Division rushed his machine gunners to move in front of a surprise German breakthrough in January 1945, according to the US Army.Sternot's isolated men held their icy ground in the Belgian forest during the Battle of the Bulge, despite the fierce German attack that included tank rounds.Military documents show 60 German gunners lay dead in front of Sternot's machine gun station.Sternot received a Silver Star for his heroism, but the award never got pinned to his chest and no family member every received the five-pointed medal. On Sunday, with pomp and circumstance, one of Sternot's last living relatives will receive the Silver Star at a Veterans Day Ceremony in Santa Barbara at th ...