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She seemed like an upstanding member of her community. Now she's accused of murdering six family members.

Koodathai, India (CNN)For years, Jolly Joseph talked about how her house was cursed, neighbors said. Her mother-in-law apparently died from a mysterious illness. At least three of her close relatives suffered fatal heart attacks, and her two-year-old niece choked to death on a piece of food.But in October, Indian police presented a different theory. There was no mention of curses. Instead, they alleged, Joseph had poisoned each of them, one by one, and then covered up her crimes with lies that have only now started to unravel. Her full name is Joliyamma, but people call her Jolly for short. She lived in a pastel-pink three-story house in Koodathai, a small town of just 12,000 in the Kozhikode district of Kerala state in southern India. The ...