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‘Dear John’ column spurs reader to donate Lively hearing aids

Dear John: My grandmother, who died in 1967, worked for over 25 years at Goddard Neighborhood Center, and someone there gave her a hearing aid. She was deaf from childhood due to an injury.  So it is long overdue that I pay it forward. Kindly let me know the name of a contact at Lively so that it can give away two more pairs of hearing aids.  Thank you. J.D.  Dear J.D.: Thank you! That’s very kind of you. Your grandmother would be proud. And your kind gesture spurred Lively to include an additional two sets of hearing aids in its giveaway. So, with the two you are donating and Lively’s extra two (added to Lively’s original three), there are now seven pairs of hearing aids that lucky readers will soon get. I’ve given your n ...