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Dozens stung by stingrays at popular beach in one day

(CNN)Lifeguards in Huntington Beach, California, were reminding swimmers to shuffle their feet when they go into the ocean after 176 people were stung by stingrays in just one day.A record number of people were stung on Saturday, authorities told CNN affiliate KTLA. It may sound like a scene from a monster movie, but the rays weren't on a stabby rampage attacking beachgoers' lower legs.Warm weather brought lots of people to the beach during low tide."When you have people in the water with lower tides like that, they make their way out to where the stingrays reside and, unfortunately, people step on the stingrays and that's when they get stung," Lt. Eric Dieterman of the fire department's Marine Safety Division told KTLA.Lifeguards had peop ...