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Their house barely survived a 1980 wildfire. Now, firefighters are trying to save it from another one

(CNN)Julien Cooper remembers the flames licking his property in 1980 when a devastating wildfire destroyed his neighborhood in San Bernardino, California.All but a few houses burned in that fire -- including his parents' and the neighbor's. Now, another blaze is wreaking havoc in the area, bringing back traumatic memories. Cooper, 53, who still lives in the same house with his 80-year-old father Roland, told CNN he was asleep early Thursday when he heard his phone ringing at 2:30 a.m. "Next thing I know, I wake up and smell smoke in the house," he told CNN. "Ten seconds later, I hear the doorbell and I already know what it is since we had a fire a week ago.""It was the neighbor saying that there was a fire in the field."At the time, his ne ...