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Why ‘Game of Thrones’ fans will love new dystopian drama ‘See’

The impetus for the new Apple TV+ show “See” must have been how to address the public’s appetite for fantasy-based TV in a post-“Game of Thrones” universe. The umpteenth dystopian drama on the airwaves creates a gorgeous natural world — the series was filmed in British Columbia — that none of its denizens can see because a big bad virus has wiped out humanity, leaving its two million survivors blind. For a bunch of blind characters, these members of the Alkenny tribe, led by “GoT” veteran Jason Momoa as a man bun-wearing warrior named Baba Voss, sure get around. They fight their enemies on horseback (the animals appear to have sight), clamber up walls and cross rope bridges that traverse ravines. When one of the wom ...