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How a safe haven turned into a war zone in less than a week

(CNN)As the first bombs fell on Ras al-Ain, residents of the Kurdish-Syrian village frantically collected treasured possessions and fled their homes. Soon, a 10km long traffic jam snaked south, away from the border with Turkey. Amid the chaos, a woman pushed her paralyzed son in a wheelchair, trying to escape the bombardment. "It was a sight that affected me greatly," a middle-aged lawyer and resident from Ras al-Ain, who declined to be named, told CNN. "We know the woman, and we knew she was mentally unwell." The lawyer said he had been busy trying to cram his children into a car leaving the village at the time. In the middle of their frenzied escape, no one from the village was able to help the help the woman, he said. He left the villa ...