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Migrants say they were tortured and raped

(CNN)A small blue boat with an outboard motor bobs on the waves of the open sea. It is crammed with 28 migrants -- men, women and children -- from Somalia, Bangladesh and Yemen. Across the horizon is the Libyan coast. Sailors on a Libyan coast guard ship wave their arms. "Stop! Stop!" they shout in English. The sailors prepare to throw a rope to the boat, but several men on board shout back, in Arabic: "We don't want it.""You don't want it?" asks one of the sailors. "You'll die out here!"After several attempts, the sailors manage to throw the rope on to the boat's bow. A passenger throws it with an air of disdain into the water.The sailors toss the rope again, and again the migrants throw it in the water.They've paid hundreds of dollars - ...