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Moroccan journalist jailed for an abortion she says never happened

Rabat, Morocco (CNN)A Moroccan journalist has been sentenced to a year in prison after being found guilty of obtaining an "illegal" abortion, which she denies she ever had.Hajar Raissouni was also found guilty of having premarital sex in a trial in the capital Rabat on Monday, which her supporters characterize as a politically motivated attack to suppress press freedom.Raissouni, who works for the independent Moroccan daily Akhbar al-Youm, and her Sudanese fiancé Rifaat al-Amin were arrested on August 31 as they left a doctor's office in Rabat, the couple's lawyer Abdelaziz Nouidi said in an interview with CNN. Amin was also sentenced to a year behind bars for premarital sex. Akhbar al-Yaoum is one of the few remaining newspapers critical ...