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Gigi Hadid’s fashion police moment and 5 other infamous catwalk crashers

Intruder alert, intruder alert! It’s hard for the average person to score an invite to Fashion Week — unless you’ve perfected the art of gatecrashing. French comedian and YouTube personality Marie Benoliel, best known as Marie S’Infiltre, stormed the Chanel runway Tuesday at the Grand Palais to prove the ultimate ticket in town — Paris Fashion Week — isn’t as exclusive as previously believed. The 28-year-old posted proof of her shameless stunt on Instagram and YouTube and even admitted to French blog L’importante.fr that she also intruded the Etam show last week. “My infiltration at Etam went so well, it was so easy that some thought it was rigged and that I had permission to do it,” she said, according to The Ind ...