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So long, princess poufs: Power dressing is the red carpet trend

When Natasha Lyonne debuted her smash Netflix series “Russian Doll” earlier this year, she wanted a new look, too — but not too new. “She had a very, very specific vision in mind,” stylist Cristina Ehrlich tells The Post. During their first meeting, Lyonne explained that she wanted a little more red-carpet polish — but not at the cost of her real-world vibe and tough ’tude. “She’s a legitimate boss lady and full-fledged Hollywood woman, and I feel that the way she likes to dress reflects that,” says Ehrlich. “She loves the strong shoulder, she loves the plunging V [neckline], she loves anything that’s sort of high-waisted . . . She really loves the energy and the vibe behind suiting.” Her wardrobe, the t ...