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Photographer plans to capture 30-year timelapse of NYC skyline

A photographer is proving that the one good thing about New Jersey — its view — is true. Joseph DiGiovanna is shooting a 30-year time-lapse of the New York City skyline from his Weehawken window and is already four years into his project, CNN reports. “It’s a living calendar that anyone can be a part of,” he said. So far, DiGiovanna has over 4.2 million images capturing the Big Apple from the Verrazzano Bridge to the George Washington Bridge. He has a rig set up on his window with a camera mounted on a shelf, which takes a photo by itself every 30 seconds to create the timelapse. DiGiovanna shares two timelapse videos daily on his Instagram account and website, which allows users to explore any day in his four years so far. ...