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17% of Bahamians are now homeless and desperation is growing

(CNN)Patrick Joachin stood in line at a police station in the Bahamian capital of Nassau, hoping to get a document that would prove he has a clean criminal record and eventually help him flee to the United States. "I have nothing left here -- no house, no job, no family," said Joachin, who was evacuated from the Dundas Town neighborhood in Abaco on Saturday.About 17% of all Bahamians are suddenly homeless after Hurricane Dorian wiped out neighborhoods and ripped houses off foundations. That's 70,000 people who have lost almost everything.Joachin wants to catch a flight to Tampa, Florida, where his mother and sister are living, and stay there until it's safe to return to Abaco. If he doesn't make it to the US, Joachin has no other place to ...