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Toronto Film Festival: Eddie Murphy’s comeback starts big with ‘Dolemite’

TORONTO — “Dolemite Is My Name” kicks off the Eddie Murphy comeback that’s been a very long time coming. And this comic biopic is a blast from start to finish. As ’70s cult comedian Rudy Ray Moore, Murphy is on his game in a way we haven’t seen since… I’ve been trying to trace back, and I think it may be as far as two decades ago in Steve Martin’s “Bowfinger.” This Craig Brewer film is only step one in Murphy’s return, with a buzzy upcoming hosting gig on “SNL” later this year (his first since leaving the show over 30 years ago) and a reported return to the standup circuit in the works. Everything’s coming up Murphy — and it all starts with his portrayal of the hilariously trash-talking Moore, who will ...