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Anthem mix-up sparks controversy during Albania's match against France

(CNN)As Albania's soccer team linked arms and prepared to sing their national anthem, a sense of confusion started to ripple around the Stade de France.Being played through the stadium speakers wasn't their country's anthem. It was Andorra's.Ahead of Albania's match vs. France, Andorra's national anthem was played.The looks of confusion on the Albanian players' faces 😂 pic.twitter.com/hDkbVMuKWt— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) September 7, 2019 Farcical scenes at Stade de France. Kick off delayed after they played Andorra's national anthem instead of Albania's. Announcer just apologised for the delay but he apologised to... Armenia!— Matt Spiro (@mattspiro) September 7, 2019 A delay to the kick-off of the European championship qualifier ensued a ...