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Ralph Lauren has the hottest club in town for New York Fashion Week

Welcome to Ralph’s Club, only open for one night. And what a dazzling establishment it is. America’s ultimate aspirational lifestyle designer, Ralph Lauren, didn’t just rent a room for his show – he built an entire black-and-white Art Deco-inspired nightclub in a former bank on Wall Street and asked his 230 guests to keep costuming to the same colors. From the ornate, three-tiered chandeliers to the sunrise mirrors, silvered columns and skyscraper-lit lights, his team created a Gatsby-esque after-hours hotspot. Only the original double-curved staircase remained un-Ralphed. Several hundred guests, including Cate Blanchett, Mandy Moore and Henry Golding, sat at tables imbibing and eating with ease while models such as Gigi Hadi ...