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‘Hustlers’ Review: Stripper flick fails to arouse interest

The greatest hustle that “Hustlers” ever pulled was making you think gloriously foulmouthed rap sensation Cardi B was going to be a legitimate part of the movie. She’s not, much to the detriment of this middling female-empowerment heist. The only cast member (as far as I know) who can actually claim firsthand knowledge of the biz, Cardi’s relegated to a few early scenes and then shuffled offstage for the remainder of its running time. But boy, does she own the screen when she’s on, exuding some early-career Rosie Perez dialogue energy and a knowing smirk as she critiques the lap dancing technique of newbie dancer Destiny (Constance Wu). I dared to be optimistic about this Toronto Film Fest premiere from director/screenwrite ...