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Marcus Stroman not living up to his big-game pitcher rep

Marcus Stroman was acquired by the Mets for big games down the stretch. His New York toughness was supposed to be a plus at Citi Field. The Mets are still waiting for any of that to happen. When they’ve needed him most, he has not delivered. It simply could not have gone worse for Stroman and the Mets on Saturday night at Citi Field, as Stroman was battered by the Phillies over four innings and the Mets lost a critical game in their uphill battle to capture the second wild card, dropping a 5-0 decision to the Phillies. Stroman surrendered a second-deck home run to the first batter of the night, Cesar Hernandez, and was in trouble throughout his short stint on the mound. This was the fourth start at home for the Medford native, and ...