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Despite cooler temperatures, new cases of a potentially fatal mosquito virus were confirmed in Massachusetts

(CNN)The Massachusetts Department of Health announced two new cases of Eastern equine encephalitis -- more often known by the acronym EEE -- have been confirmed on Friday. These new cases, which include a woman in her 60s and a young girl from the town of Sudbury, are in addition to the five cases previously reported in the state, which include one death, according to State Epidemiologist Dr. Catherine Brown.Sudbury officials confirmed the girl is 5 years old and is at a hospital in critical condition. The total number of human cases of EEE this year in Massachusetts is now at seven. Though Brown said seven cases was considered a lot, it is not a lot historically. The most recent outbreaks occurred from 2004-2006 and 2010-2012 were 22 huma ...