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Bound by 2 mass shootings, football rivals El Paso and Odessa unite on the field

(CNN)For years, El Paso and Odessa have met on the football field to battle it out for the win and bragging rights. But this time as the two teams hit the field on Thursday they put aside their differences to share a message of unity. In just 28 days, both of these communities were shaken when a gunman opened fire. In El Paso, 22 people were killed and two dozen injured when a gunman opened fire at a Walmart on August 3. In Odessa, seven people were killed and 22 others wounded when a man went on a shooting spree after being pulled over by troopers on August 31.That's why Thursday night's game has a different meaning for the two teams.The teams, Franklin High School from El Paso and Permian High School in Odessa, both made special banners ...