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‘Snowfall’ creator on Season 3: ‘We kept our foot on the gas’

In the classic model for a cable TV drama, starting with “The Sopranos,” the penultimate episode of a season also serves as its climax, with the finale acting as a denouement. That hasn’t been the case with Season 3 of FX’s “Snowfall,” where back-to-back episodes explosively changed in the show’s narrative. Episode 8 ended with crack kingpin Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) shooting LAPD cop Andre Wright (Marcus Henderson) in the head. Episode 9 ended with Wright’s daughter Melody (Reign Edwards) shooting Franklin in the back after her father’s funeral. She leaves him on the floor of her home, blood pouring out of his mouth. Explains series co-creator Dave Andron, “We kept our foot on the gas the whole season.” Id ...