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What happens to 'Gucci Grace' now Mugabe's gone?

(CNN)Zimbabweans may have mixed feelings about the death of Robert Mugabe: in the end, he was a brutal despot who left his country divided and impoverished. But he was also the founding father of the nation who put an end to white minority rule.Grace Mugabe, 54, doesn't share the complex legacy of her husband. She's unpopular in many corners, and now that her husband is dead, her assets and future in the country could even be at risk.It's a dramatic turnaround for Zimbabwe's former first lady, whose ambition to take her husband's job was cut short in 2017 during an apparent coup that she was the catalyst for.'Gucci Grace'Grace married Robert Mugabe in a lavish ceremony in 1996, following the death of his first wife Sally from kidney diseas ...