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White Claw shortages have millennials in a panic

Hard seltzer-obsessed Yuppies are freaking out on Twitter over a nationwide shortage of White Claw. Stores can’t keep the bubbly, low-calorie booze on the shelf due to sky-high demand, Business Insider reported Friday — and millennials and Gen Z drinkers are in a panic. The brand confirmed the shortage on Twitter Friday night, when a concerned drinker tweeted, “I’m gonna lose my god damn mind. Please tell me you have someone working on this?!?! @WhiteClaw.” White Claw tweeted back: “We have the best team in the business working on this.” Another hard-seltzer drinker noted similarities to the Popeye’s chicken sandwich shortage. “If you’re having a Popeyes chicken sandwich with a White Claw this weekend, you have wo ...