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The juiciest parts of ‘sMothered’ mom and daughter’s new book

Cher Hubsher, of TLC’s reality series “sMothered,” is close with her mom, Dawn. So close that her dad once thought his wife was cheating on him when she was just hanging out with her kid. Unbeknownst to the rest of the family, Dawn had sneaked Cher out of school for a jaunt to a petting zoo. Her husband later found straw on her shirt and made a joke about “rolling in the hay” with someone else. She froze. Her reaction made him think it was true. She soon ‘fessed up to busting Cher out of school to play hooky — and while they all laughed about it, it was a pertinent foreshadowing: On “sMothered,” which is co-produced by the New York Post, Cher’s husband refers to himself as the “third wheel” in the ultraclose m ...