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The Orioles can’t stop fighting each other

Richard Bleier and Orioles infield coach Jose Flores seemed to have some choice words for each other after Bleier was yanked when he allowed four hits and three runs while recording one out. One assumes defensive alignments were part of the conversation. pic.twitter.com/mdQLJDHaQR — Zachary Silver (@zachsilver) August 29, 2019 These 29 games can’t end soon enough for the Orioles. For the second time this month, the Orioles turned on each other in an embarrassing dugout fight. This time, during an 8-4 loss to the Nationals on Wednesday night, reliever Richard Bleier and third-base coach Jose David Flores were in an obscenity-filled shouting match. Bleier, who started his career with the Yankees, allowed three runs in 1/3 of a ...