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Popeyes is ‘sold out’ of chicken sandwiches

We “ate ’em all.” After the end of this week, there will be no more Popeyes chicken sandwiches — with the company announcing Tuesday that it had run through its inventory. “We’re sold out” Popeyes said in a video posted to its Twitter page. But don’t fret, fried chicken fans. The fast-food chain plans to have the beloved sandwich back at locations everywhere in the near future, it’s just not sure when yet. “We are so thankful,” said Popeyes, which launched the $3.99 sammy on Aug. 12. “You ate ’em all. (Legit proud of you),” the company added. “They’ll be back soon. For. Good. Pinky swear.” People have been flocking to their nearest Popeyes in recent weeks to try the new menu item after a Twitter feud ...