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How comeback queen Missy Elliott blazed a trail to VMAs Vanguard glory

In Lizzo’s latest video for “Tempo,” the omnipresent pop-rap It-girl transforms a sleepy diner parking lot into the fiercest party on earth. There’s epic twerking, bouncing hydraulic cars and a bold body-positive message of self-love. But when hip-hop legend Missy Elliott, sporting a silk tracksuit and a chain that conspicuously reads ICON, suddenly leaps out of the hood of a car, things get downright surreal. For Andy Hines, who directed the bass-thumping clip, it was a head-spinning moment to witness. “I was pretty overwhelmed,” Hines tells The Post. “Missy’s work in both music and the visual arts has influenced and changed pop culture greatly over the past 20 years. People are still trying to emulate what she has d ...