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Jennie Garth traces her path from Kelly Taylor to calling the shots

(CNN)If you're wondering why the lives of the stars of "Beverly Hills 90210" are such disasters on the follow-up series "BH90210," you have Jennie Garth to blame.To be clear, the interpersonal dramas of the actors from of one of the most iconic and still-beloved TV series of the 1990s, now playing themselves in FOX's revival, aren't exactly real (although more than a few plotlines draw inspiration from actual real-life scenarios). Instead, the new series is taking a satiric, over-the-top look at the post-phenom existences of the stars some 30 years later -- a notion concocted by Garth and her original series co-star and real-life bestie Tori Spelling, who serve as executive producers as well as performers."It never made sense to me, person ...