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'Sunnyside' and 'Bob ❤ Abishola' highlight immigrant experiences with humor and heart

(CNN)In the new NBC series "Sunnyside," Kal Penn plays a washed-up New York City politician who begins to tutor US immigrants on how to pass their citizenship test.This rag-tag class is a melting pot of cultures. Joel Kim Booster and Poppy Liu play privileged children of a mysterious (probably evil) mastermind. Samba Schutte plays an Ethiopian doctor who won a citizenship lottery and is now a cab driver. Moses Storm plays a young person who was brought here as a toddler. And Diana Maria Riva plays a hard-working Dominican with a seemingly endless resume of thankless jobs. One thing they all share is an all-too-real fear of deportation. Yet, despite how much this premise sounds like it was ripped from the headlines as melodramatic bait for ...