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Emoni Bates is basketball’s next teenage phenom: ‘Better than LeBron’

Some teenage phenoms, such as LeBron James, live up to the insane hype assigned to them, while others end up like Freddy Adu. The world will be watching to see how 15-year-old hoopster Emoni Bates handles the pressure — because he’s already being compared to one of the best ever. “In the best freshman conversation, he’s 1,” a veteran of the grassroots basketball scene told ESPN.com. “He’s better than LeBron as a freshman. Bron was good, real good. Emoni is dominant.” “He has a chance to be ahead of LeBron. I’ve never seen a better freshman,” a longtime scout told the website. “He’s a prospect that’s dominant as a ninth-grader. That’s rare. Normally prospects are guys with high upside or potential that yo ...