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FBI agent ends his career by reuniting with the infant he rescued at the start of it

(CNN)FBI Special Agent Troy Sowers thought his retirement send-off would include donuts and coffee. He didn't expect to be reunited with the infant he rescued at the very beginning of his career two decades earlier.In 1997, Sowers was a rookie agent in Washington state -- in the field only two months -- when he was put on a kidnapping case, according to CNN affiliate WATE.A woman posing as a doctor had taken a 9-pound, 5-ounce baby boy from his mother's hospital room, and a 19-hour hunt for the newborn infant ensued, according to the FBI. Sowers found the baby abandoned in a cardboard box behind a convenience store.It was a story Sowers told often over the next 22 years when he was looking back on the highlights of his career, he told WATE ...