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This kid holds the world record for solving Rubik’s cube — with his feet

He’s ready to square off. Daniel Rose-Levine, 16, holds the Guinness World Record for solving a Rubik’s cube — with his feet. The upstate Red Hook, NY, teen can do it in 16.9 seconds, or as long as it takes some people to put on shoes and lace them up. This coming Saturday, he welcomes anyone to challenge him at the New York City Math Festival, put on by the National Museum of Mathematics at Liberty Plaza in downtown Manhattan. “I’m not worried about anyone beating me,” he told The Post. “The only way someone can beat me is if I mess up or get extremely unlucky.” Rose-Levine first mastered the cube, using his hands, at age 11. After seeing other kids solve it at math camp, he taught himself by watching YouTube endless ...