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FlyCleaners customers claim laundry is being held ‘hostage’

Furious laundry service customers say they’ve been taken to the cleaners! Clients of FlyCleaners, a New York City-based laundry app, said they’ve been scammed by the door-to-door service — which allegedly has gone AWOL with their dirty clothes. Jess Goodman, 25, was among the customers who despite being charged for the wash-and-fold service still hasn’t had her clothing returned. The Murray Hill resident used the app to schedule a messenger to pick up her laundry last Thursday for a next-day delivery. “It was 35 pounds, a month of my laundry because I’ve been going on a bunch of trips and got back,” Goodman told The Post. But the app never indicated that her clothing was sent out for delivery — and more than a week la ...