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'GLOW' shines a less flattering light on life during the 1980s

(CNN)Netflix has more than one show rooted in 1980s nostalgia. But where "Stranger Things" mostly revels in the cultural artifacts of those years -- from pop-culture references to hanging out at the mall -- "GLOW" dispenses with the rose-colored glasses, casting a much less flattering light on the era.The third season of the dramedy opens around the time of the 1986 Challenger space-shuttle disaster, turning that tragedy into an excruciatingly awkward TV moment.That sequence is striking for its specificity. Yet after what feels like an inordinately slow start, "GLOW" expands its lens to a much more provocative exploration of the '80s, one less about the TV and movies than accepted mores that don't provide cause for celebration.The series, ...