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How Katie Taylor boxed clever

Katie Taylor documentary (All times GMT):Saturday: 0430, 1230, 1830; Sunday: 0730, 1830, 2330; Tuesday: 0830 (CNN)She's read it countless times but as Irish boxer Katie Taylor recites Psalm 18 her voice audibly drops an octave and her body language noticeably relaxes.The psalm is embossed on the robe she wears to enter the ring and she reads it before every one of her fights.The fiercely religious Taylor is not your prototypical undisputed world boxing champion -- and never has been.While kids of her age had posters of boy bands stuck on their walls, Taylor had one of Muhammed Ali in her bedroom, while her idea of sibling playtime was imitating legendary boxers Rocky Marciano and Jack Johnson as she played with her brothers.READ: Andy Ruiz ...