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A man was sentenced to 60 weekend days in jail for poisoning his wife's coffee

(CNN)A Michigan man was sentenced to 60 days in jail -- to be served on weekends -- for poisoning his wife's coffee with the active drug found in Benadryl. Brian Kozlowski's estranged wife "felt tired, nauseous and was experiencing blurred vision" on July 2018 after drinking coffee that Kozlowski had prepared for her, the Macomb County Prosecutor's press release states. The woman had filed for divorce two months earlier, court records show. She became suspicious of the coffee and had cameras installed in their kitchen. Videos later revealed Kozlowski had been pouring diphenhydramine, the active drug in Benadryl, "into his wife's morning coffee, intentionally poisoning her," the release states. CNN has reached out to Kozlowski's attorney.Th ...