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$4.75M winner's check is 'icing on the cake' for women's tennis

(CNN)As the debate around pay parity in sport rumbles on, one women's tournament in China is offering the biggest prize money in the history of tennis (yes, that even includes the men's tour). This year's Shiseido WTA Finals in Shenzhen will award its winner an eye-watering $4.75 million check if she manages to go the entire competition unbeaten. The champion's prize will eclipse the $4 million handed to the entire USWNT team that won the FIFA Women's World Cup and is over double what Tiger Woods earned from clinching this year's Masters.The ATP finals, the equivalent competition on the men's tour, only set aside $2.71 million for an undefeated champion last year -- demonstrating the work being done to uphold equal pay in tennis.Current wo ...