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2019 Xtreme Eating list ranks least healthy chain restaurant meals

These foods are extreme…ly out of touch with recent studies of what people should be eating. The 2019 “winners” of the annual Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) Xtreme Eating list are in — and they may convince you to opt for a salad tonight. CSPI, founded in 1971, is a science-based consumer advocacy group that promotes healthy eating. Each year, the organization ranks restaurant dishes with some of the highest caloric, saturated fat and/or added sugar values in the industry. The 2019 round-up features dishes from a few old favorites, like Cheesecake Factory and Chili’s, which routinely show up on the annual reports, along with some newcomers like Maggiano’s and Topgolf. Sonic kicks off the list with its la ...