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Watch: Lizzo wows NPR with ‘Tiny Ass Desk’ concert

NPR’s staid “Tiny Desk” concert series just got juiced. Singer-songwriter and body-positivity activist Lizzo, 31, brought her signature soulful sass to the typically low-key live music showcase Monday morning. As fans know, this flute-swinging, proudly plus-size pop sensation doesn’t do subtle. Twitter’s self-proclaimed “bad b—h” burst into the “Tiny Desk” studio after a far-ranging chat with “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross, and promptly rechristened her gig. “How we feeling at this, uh, Tiny Ass Desk?,” Lizzo quipped as her crowd of 25 people roared in appreciation. “All right, I’m feeling pretty good, too, mmmm. I’ve been wanting to do this for a looong time.” She had the intimate venue in the palm ...