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Politicians who oppose the President here have gone missing in recent years

(CNN)When Eugene Ndereyimana woke up last week, he didn't tell his wife where he was going, and she didn't ask. The less she knew, the better, she thought.The 29-year-old father of two was traveling from his home in Rwanda's southeastern Ngoma district to the northeastern town of Nyagatare for a political meeting on July 15.But the people waiting for Ndereyimana to arrive lost contact with him when he was just five kilometers (3.1 miles) from the venue.He hasn't been seen or heard from since.Ndereyimana is a representative for the FDU-Inkingi, an unregistered coalition of opposition parties against President Paul Kagame, who has been in power since 2000.He is one of at least five FDU members who have gone missing under mysterious circumsta ...