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How Walter Mosley wound up writing about crack for ‘Snowfall’

Walter Mosley was already a bestselling novelist whose Easy Rawlins mysteries became movies (“Devil in a Blue Dress”) when director John Singleton called him to brainstorm with his co-creator Eric Amadio. Singleton wanted to do a TV series about the crack epidemic in LA. That series, “Snowfall,” is now in its third season on FX (Wednesdays at 10 p.m.) — with Mosley as a consulting producer. “I knew what was going on in LA. My domicile was in New York, but it was the same thing,” says Mosley, 67. “Me in Harlem, somebody else in Watts. The involvement of the CIA, the police. All that happened without people knowing it. Most Americans believe a policeman wouldn’t jaywalk. You couldn’t be further from the truth.” ...