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How Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' traveled back to 1969

(CNN)For Quentin Tarantino, time travel is entirely possible. And it didn't take green screens or computer generated backdrops to make it back to 1969-era Los Angeles. All it required were fond, vivid memories of the time, an exhausting attention to period detail and a production designer like Barbara Ling.The filmmaker was determined that the environments featured in his ninth film "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" as tactile and immersive as humanly possible without turning to the now-ubiquitous digital effects houses, says Ling, who lavishly and convincingly resurrects a period some 50 years gone: the then-vibrant storefronts of Hollywood Boulevard, the classic movie theaters of Westwood Village, enduring eateries like Musso & Frank G ...