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‘Moulin Rouge!’ review: NYC’s hottest nightclub is on Broadway

Who needs ecstasy when we’ve got “Moulin Rouge!”? That’s the effect of the fabulous new musical that opened Thursday night on Broadway: raucous sensory overload. From its sexy sword swallowers to the newly pumped-up pop songbook and from-the-loins dancing, the show’s as subtle as Liberace’s toy poodle: a glitter bomb on Broadway. The high begins the instant you walk into the theater, which set designer Derek McLane turned into the sort of uber-cool, members-only nightclub that keeps rejecting my application. Bathed in red light, four sultry, crystal-bedecked performers start singing “Lady Marmalade,” which cancan kicks off the story of a penniless American writer in Paris and his dangerous fling with a cabaret star. J ...