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Ugandan pop star-turned-MP Bobi Wine says he's running for president

(CNN)Uganda's pop star turned politician, Bobi Wine, has formally announced he will run for president in 2021.The Member of Parliament leading a "people power movement" to end President Yoweri Museveni 33-year-rule also unveiled his campaign team at his home in Kampala on Wednesday.Wine said he was not running under any political party and the revolutionary movement seeks to create "a society which works for everyone.""I will personally once again tell you of my willingness and readiness to lead you (Ugandans) in that effort -- the effort to usher our country into a new era of freedom and justice," Wine said in a statement posted on Facebook.Wine is expected to challenge Museveni in the country's 2021 elections. Museveni has ruled since 19 ...