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Company aims to make flying ‘less miserable’

Being stuck in the plane’s cramped middle seats can be a real pain in the behind – often figuratively and literally – but a company in Colorado is aiming to change that. Molon Labe Seating’s new S1 “Space Seat” design, which was approved by the FAA in June, arranges its rows of economy airline seating so that the middle seat is slightly staggered behind, and below, the window seat and aisle seat on either side. This, in turn, allows for a wider middle seat by three inches, according to Molon Labe Seating. The seats would also allow passengers to more easily share the middle armrests thanks to a two-level design. “In a nutshell, I want flying to suck less,” said Hank Scott, founder and CEO Molon Labe Seating, to Fox Ne ...